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Wrekin students Georgia and Lydia King travelled to Marrakesh in Morocco this summer and volunteered in various organisations as part of a group, Lydia told us: 

'Our two week journey started at Liverpool airport where we were met by the group leaders, we flew to Morocco and were taken to the house - also known as a Riad.

'Georgia and I took part in many volunteering activities such as; painting multiple murals in a school, visiting a special needs centre, travelling to villages to look after and spend time with children between the ages of four to ten years, and finally going to a baby orphanage. We visited these different locations at least twice and sometimes even more, this was beneficial as a relationship was built between the volunteers and the Moroccan children.

'Our trip to Marrakesh is one that I will never forget - it was such an amazing, once in a life time experience that I enjoyed - it has confirmed that I do want to go to Norland College next September.

'Hopefully we will be able to go back to Morocco or elsewhere in the world to volunteer sometime in the near future as it not only benefitted the children, who were given loving contact, but also made Georgia and I more independent and mature, giving us a taste of what University life will be like.'

It sounds like Lydia and Georgia had an amazing time - volunteering is something that we actively encourage our students to take part in through the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, CCF and independently - well done!

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