Wrekin College


'Pupils listen to each other and to their teachers with care' 

ISI Educational Quality Inspection 2017

The core purpose of the school is teaching and learning, to support each child in reaching their academic potential. 

Wrekin is proud of its strong academic record, based on stimulating intellectual curiosity, providing excellent and inspiring teaching, and making learning exciting. Our guiding principle is to help every child achieve the most they are capable of, to prepare them for the competitive world they will enter, and to give them a lasting sense of the pleasure and value of learning that will enrich their future lives.

Classes are small: typically no more than twenty for the younger pupils and between eight and fifteen at A Level. Our teachers are experienced, expert and approachable, and give a great deal of time to pupils both inside and outside the classroom. Our tutoring system means each pupil has personalised academic support. Our learning support staff can help those with additional needs, and our enrichment programme stimulates and stretches our more able students.

Our curriculum is constantly reviewed in the light of changes in educational policy and philosophy, but we are committed to offering our pupils a solid and broad academic foundation. We offer a wide range of subjects for GCSE, AS and A Level, and guide pupils in choosing subjects that suit their interests, abilities and future plans. Our Head of Careers advises pupils throughout their time at school, and the Head of Sixth Form offers expert advice on university applications.

We want our pupils to leave us with the best possible examination results. They will be entering a competitive world, and exam grades matter. But we have a wide academic embrace, and we are equally proud of the academic high fliers who go on to top universities to read highly competitive subjects such as medicine, architecture and engineering, and of those who fulfil their ambitions to go on to vocational degrees such as agriculture, business or performing arts, or indeed straight into the workplace.