Wrekin College


Before half term, a combination of Fifth and Sixth Form pupils were treated to a trip to London's Tate Modern Gallery. With its vast collection of contemporary art, a newly opened extension and two guest exhibitions to see, there was a lot on offer.

Firstly, the pupils saw the work of Pop Art pioneer, Robert Rauschenberg. Most were pleasantly surprised by the range of experimental works on display; from sculpture to painting; installation to performance art. A selection of fifth formers were even given the role of touring the rest of the group around the show!

In stark contrast, The Radical Eye was an exhibition dedicated to Modernist photography of the 1920's - 50's, from the vast private collection of Sir Elton John. Sir Elton himself says of the collection; 'I love surrounding myself with all of these beautiful images ... Photography is my favourite art form in the whole world.' The pupils could really get up close and personal with famous photography by the likes of artists such as Man Ray, André Kertész and Dorothea Lange. Many were enthralled by the beauty and tranquillity of the collection.

After a whistle-stop look at the Tate's permanent collection and a trip up to the tenth floor viewing gallery of the London skyline, it was time to return home. With a multitude of art works to reference, the pupils are now working on their sketchbook pages that document the trip.

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