Wrekin College


Most pupils arrive at Wrekin at the age of eleven, but many join at thirteen (Year 9) and at Sixth Form. There are around 400 pupils in the school, of whom 120 are in the Sixth Form.

The curriculum follows the normal path to GCSEs taken in the Fifth Form and A Level in the Sixth Form, but every effort is made to teach according to pupils' abilities, and to stretch the ablest well beyond the demands of the syllabus.

Teaching is organised in academic departments, the heads of which report to the Director of Teaching and Learning, who oversees all academic matters and reports directly to the Headmaster.

Pupils' academic progress is closely monitored. Parents receive detailed reports twice each term and have a formal opportunity to meet their child's teachers every year to discuss progress. Our Head of Careers advises pupils throughout their time at school, and the Head of Sixth Form offers expert advice on university applications.