Wrekin College


Wrekin College Exam Data

Points to note for context

We are proud to be a school that is not afraid to publish its raw exam data, anyone reading this data who is unfamiliar with our cohort of pupils would gain little meaning from it without first considering the following points:

  • Wrekin College is not academically selective, unlike many independent schools. This means that the raw data from exam results fluctuates (sometimes significantly) from year to year, depending on the ability of the cohort. This should be considered when viewing the raw data alone.
  • Due to small class sizes (especially at A Level, and especially for option subjects), percentages can be influenced significantly by the results of individuals.
  • Wrekin caters for every individual and encourages every pupil to achieve the best grades they possibly can for their ability. We celebrate the academic successes of ALL our pupils, not just those for whom success may be A*s at A level but (for example) for those for whom Cs or Ds at GCSE are a real achievement.