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Friday Guest Lectures - Previous Events

20 January 2017

Tim Firth, Headmaster of Wrekin College, opened this term's career talks in the new Business School on Friday 13th January. He captivated his audience with his passion for teaching; his study of English Literature at University; his love of cricket and the creativity that is encompassed within the one role. There are not many professions which allow you to do something you love, carry on your hobby and develop your personality in the way teaching can. Tim suggested to the students to be a great teacher, you have to be the best version of yourself and love what you do. You need to be impatient; to challenge people and push them to their potential and beyond. He also said that there are lots of overseas opportunities and to take hold of these opportunities and run with them.

27 January 2017

Ben Nicoll, an Old Wrekinian, talked in front of a packed audience of pupils on Friday 27 January about how a gap year is a way of doing something different, exciting and being responsible for yourself. Ben suggested:

  • using online forums and Google to find out information about gap years
  • have a plan as to what to do during this time out
  • travelling with friends is more fun than travelling alone
  • be wary of pre-paid trips as the trips are scheduled and often not as flexible
  • if you intend to go to university afterwards, gain a place before leaving - it's a reason to come home!

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3rd February 2017

Ant Eddies-Davies talked about his career as an adventurer, educator, guide, Nepal expert and, latterly, advisor to Bhutan on the development of its fledgling tourism industry. He is also the founder of Live the Adventure, currently one of the only travel companies outside of Bhutan accredited by the country’s tourism council. Ant’s experience in teaching and training people in the art of river rescue and water safety means he's called upon by everyone from the emergency services to international defence forces - a fascinating talk!

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10 February 2017

Jade and Rachel, Graduate Ambassadors from the University of Worcester visited Wrekin Business School to talk to the students about their university, life there and the courses they undertook; Sports and Business. They suggested that when looking at courses, choose one that you are passionate about. Look at sandwich courses so you can utilise time to work and earn some money. Go to open days so that you can see the campus and get a feel for that university as it is really important in determining which one is right for you. Talk to lecturers on the open day. Our visitors also suggested students look at modules within courses at various universities as they may be different and this may also help students to decide which university to go to. To follow the Graduate Ambassadors on twitter click here

3 March 2017

Ray Hughes from the not-for-profit organisation which is aimed at regenerating Wellington’s town centre visited us to talk about his work.

10 March 2017

Jared Guest is a recent Old Wrekinian and set up his business while still at school. He spoke about how he started his business, the pitfalls and why he decided to work for himself. 

17 March 2017

Chris Lewis is an Old Wrekinian who studied Biochemistry at University. From there he went into the Army and latterly moved into Defence. He talked about his experiences and changes in career, showing how unlimited choices are! 

24 March 2017

Andy Stevens was the CEO of Commercial Bank in Qatar and latterly came back to Shropshire to open Hencote, a health and wellness retreat on a large country estate on the outskirts of Shrewsbury. Andy talked about his time in banking, his change of career and how to use previous knowledge and experience to create new challenges and business potential.