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Lancaster House caters for First and Second Forms (ages 11-13). It is co-educational, though split into boys’ and girls’ sections.

The girls’ section is run by Janine Kotas. Lancaster does not have its own boarding space, so girl boarders of this age live in the girls’ Hall of Residence, Hadden Hall. Lancaster House is a very important part of the school. It gives our younger pupils their own territory, leadership and reward system, allowing them to develop and settle gradually into senior school life. Lancaster pupils go on to join their senior Houses in Third Form.

The day starts in the House with registration, a brief meeting and the preparation of books for the morning lessons. The girls arrive eager to see their friends and they have the space to be noisier or quieter as they feel. There is always a member of staff on duty in the House and often a prefect who is an excellent role model.

We believe the pastoral care we give the girls is outstanding. Time is given to discussion of issues on which the girls have strong views, such as the use of social media sites, texting, forming relationships with others and of course any academic matters. The Housemistress and tutors are open and approachable, the girls may talk to them in groups or more confidentially and we believe, with the help of Matron, that all the girls feel they have a secure base in which to flourish.

From this base the girls are confident to take up the many challenges on offer in the school. They are able to define their areas of interest and hone their talents, without undue pressure being put upon them. The more flamboyant have the opportunity to develop performing skills, while the less extrovert have time to gain the necessary confidence to appear on stage, in concerts and on the sports field without feeling pressurised. In fact most Lancaster girls can’t wait to have a go at everything and attend Saturday activities to be involved further in the life of the House and school.

Lancaster House is a place for working hard, relaxing, having fun, enjoying friends and sharing these first two years of school life in a really companionable environment, preparing for the middle years in the school from Third Form when they move to the senior houses.

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