Wrekin College


The Mathematics department at Wrekin has two aims. The first to ensure that every student achieves to the best of their ability, whether this is ultimately gaining a top grade in Further Mathematics at A Level or simply gaining a grade C at GCSE. Everyone has different abilities and our measure of success is whether each individual student in our care has achieved an outcome that is the best that they can do. The sense of achievement and accomplishment coming from the A* in Further Maths is matched in equal measure by the achievement of the less able student at GCSE if the grade is a result of effort and determination to achieve to their full potential. 

Secondly, we aim to inspire and enthuse our students to study the subject, be resilient in the face of the challenges it presents and develop skills of mathematical technique as well as logic and reasoning that can be applied across their studies in other subjects. As such we have a department staffed by teachers who have a genuine love of the subject (and are not ashamed to admit it!) and gain a great deal of satisfaction from communicating that to their students.

All students will study Mathematics to at least GCSE level, and we also offer Mathematics and further Mathematics at A Level. We are very proud that a significant proportion of students opt to continue with their Mathematical studies post 16. Mathematics at this level is very well regarded by employers and Higher Education institutions. In addition to this it is a facilitating subject is so much as it supports study in a wide range of other subjects. Statistical measures in Geography and Psychology, forces and motion in Physics, reaction rates and proportions in Chemistry, graphical representation and modelling in Economics and Business Studies are just some of the examples of where mathematical skills are required in other areas of the curriculum.

In addition to mathematics within the curriculum, the department offers regular support sessions through the week to support students at all levels, enters the more able in the national UK Maths Challenge competitions where large numbers of our students have enjoyed considerable success. 


Head of Department 



Peter Stanway

Bsc, University of Lancaster

Maureen Crone

BA, University of Wolverhampton

Antony Knight

BSc (Hons), University of Warwick, Dip PFS, F.I.A.

Alexandra Williams

BSc, University of Bath

Roger Bliss

PGCE (Secondary (11-18); Aberystwyth, 2017)

MMath (First class honours) (Mathematical and Theoretical Physics; Aberystwyth, 2014)

PhD (Celtic Languages and Literatures and Medieval Latin; Harvard, 2001)

AM (Celtic Languages and Literatures and Medieval Latin; Harvard, 1995)

MA (General) (Celtic; Edinburgh, 1994)

BA (Magna cum laude) (Classics; Vanderbilt, 1989)

Full details of the curriculum are available in the GCSE and Sixth Form Curriculum guides.