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Perfect. Perfectionism. I first had the idea to talk about this from my Psychology class, after trying to think of the perfect topic to brighten up your Monday morning. However, like everything in life, this thought of mine won’t be perfect!

I don’t particularly like public speaking, and anyone who knows me will understand this from how nervous and shaky I can be before, during, and for quite a while after. Some of the people closest to me have called me a perfectionist.  A perfectionist is someone who strives for perfection. But I believe that is simply not true. I believe that perfection is just an idea in people’s mind. 

I would say that I want this to go perfectly, but I knew at the time of writing this, my knees would be knocking together and my voice might be wobbling a little.

You might go to bed at night imagining and hoping that everything the next day will go perfectly: just the way you want it to.  But thinking like this will leave you disappointed.

You can’t spend your time hoping and waiting for the perfect life, the perfect personality, the perfect body image, diet, boyfriend, girlfriend, job or opportunity to come along.  You will spend too much time turning things down.  You will spend too much time judging others and too much time putting yourself down, when you should be bringing yourself up.

Sometimes expectations are just too high to live up to. You see it everywhere you go.  Instagram tells us that you have to have a flat stomach and a smile that spreads from ear to ear. You have to have the muscles and the car, and the grades and the job to be happy.  But ask yourselves this: is it all perfect if you have it all to yourself?

Don’t focus too much on the details as that can ruin your day.  On the details that can ruin your mindset when you look in the mirror. On the details that taint a conversation.

You can be the best version of yourself and still, be blissfully imperfect. If you find something in your life that you consider is perfect to you, do all that you can to hold on to it.

As we are approaching Valentine’s Day let’s use love as an example. You will find someone who will love you and you will love them, and you’ll see each other through the most rose coloured lenses that you can buy on Amazon.  You’re not perfect and this person that you will meet isn’t perfect either.  But the question is whether you’re perfect for each other!

Thank you school and stay imperfect!

Hollie Williamson
Monday 29th January 2018

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