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Aspiration is defined as a hope or ambition of achieving something new and challenging.

To have an aspiration, is to have an aim.  Sometimes in life we can lack direction, and we can lose track of where we are going.  It is easy to get lost in this big world without something to aspire towards.

An aspiration does not have to be something really big and almost unrealistic.  Aspirations come in all shapes and sizes.  An aspiration could be something like working harder at school or improving your relationships with friends and family.

Aspirations are not meant to be easy; they are meant to challenge you to the limits of your capacities.

When you have achieved your aims you will not only be rewarded, for example with better grades, but you will also feel a better person within yourself.

I personally have set myself many aspirations. I may not achieve them all, but I have the driving force to help me improve myself to achieve my goals.

Our aspirations are as important as life itself.  As Martin Luther King once said “I have a dream”

Livvy Yeadon
Monday 5th February 2018

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