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Respect shown from one person to the next and for the people with whom we live during our daily lives, within our family, school and workplace, forms a very important part of the foundations of our society as a whole.

This attitude of respect is not only based on the way we present ourselves to others and the way we deal with day-to- day situations as we interact with each other, but is also based on our mind-set which reflects our overall behaviour and understanding of others.

Everybody has different views on a wide range of subjects - whether it is religion, sport, world affairs - the list is endless and although as an individual we may not agree with the views of others, our responsibility is to try and understand others view points and to give them consideration and understanding ... this is respecting everyone as an individual.

The old saying that we have heard so many times is that we must respect our elders, this is so true; they have more life experiences than us and have dealt with so many more obstacles in life that we have not yet faced. We would be foolish not to show them respect and not to try to learn from them. We should remember that at our stage in life the majority of ‘elders’ that we come in contact with are our family and teachers, and they only have our best interests in mind.

The best form of respect to receive as an individual is respect you have earned from others. This can only be achieved through your thoughts and actions towards others; achievement at the expense of others is worthless.

Phoebe Smith, Monday 21st November

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