Adventurer Anthony Eddies-Davies

Anthony Eddies-Davies, owner of Live the Adventure in Stottesdon, Shropshire came to talk to an attentive audience on Friday 3 February. In his fascinating career talk he described how the 'outdoors' industry has changed over the thirty years he has been working in it with people seeing it as much more than the outdoors pursuits, Gap year or seasonal work that it used to be thought of.

Though Ant is based in Shropshire, he travels afar to Nepal and beyond. He trains local guides to develop their own tourism potential and is working with the government of Bhutan developing the country’s tourism and has built an international team of explorers to examinine the landscape, flora and fauna and how tourism would work in a private country never-seen to the outside world. He worked on the National Geographic documentary The wildest dream, conquest of Everest that filmed the reconstruction of Mallory attempting to summit Everest. What a diverse and exciting job!

There is never a dull moment and Ant said there are so many opportunities in this field for young people, here and abroad running their own businesses; it is a serious contender for those seeking a job where work meets nature!