Ben talks about his Gap Year

As part of the programme of career talks in the new business school, Ben Nicoll, an Old Wrekinian, talked in front of a packed audience of pupils on Friday 27 January about how a gap year is a way of doing something different, exciting and being responsible for yourself. Ben suggested:

  • using online forums and Google to find out information about gap years
  • have a plan as to what to do during this time out
  • travelling with friends is more fun than travelling alone
  • be wary of pre-paid trips as the trips are scheduled and often not as flexible
  • if you intend to go to university afterwards, gain a place before leaving - it's a reason to come home!

and...try to find some paid work whilst on your gap year

Ben continued with wise words, he told the students that they will meet people from all over the World who will stay long-term friends and talking about your gap year is a great way to make conversation at freshers week and at employer interviews! It gives you a lot of confidence and maturity for when you potentially start a job or go to university as you have gained experience and learnt a lot about yourself.

With regard to university life, Ben told the pupils that the first year brings all that Wrekin has taught them and the main emphasis in this first year is to make new students comfortable. It is nerve-wracking but fun so join clubs and societies to get to know people. If for whatever reason you find that your university isn’t for you, make sure you have an alternative place before you leave. There is always a university that will suit you and find out about the university you are considering and try and get a feel for it rather than relying solely on the ranking table.