Careers Talk

On Friday 7 October, Chris Piggott, an Employment Law Specialist with MFG solicitors came to talk to students about the world of Law.

Chris gave a most informative and entertaining talk, explaining how he got into Law and suggested that students wishing to enter that field look at doing a degree that they enjoy and ensure they get more out of their time in education in terms of extra-curricular activities rather than just an education. There is a Legal Practice Course (LPC) that everyone has to go through whatever degree they do which ensures students have the necessary skills to become a solicitor.

For non-law degree studies there is a Common Professional Examination (CPE) which condenses all key aspects of a law degree into a year and which must be taken before the LPC. He said that employers now look for good grades but also personality, as the role of a lawyer is very much involved with dealing with people and interestingly, 20% of the profession have done something else prior to getting into Law. He explained the different types of roles available; in private practice, government and in-house.

The major piece of advice which Chris gave to the students was to try and get at least two weeks work experience within a law firm and whatever they do, to enjoy it.