D of E Silver Qualifying Expedition

Between Sunday 11 and Tuesday 13 June 2017, twenty-eight pupils completed a very successful Silver Qualifying Expedition. They were all highly motivated and really did demonstrate all that they had learnt in training sessions over the past year.

The groups’ routes took them on quite a long walk from Ditton Priors to the Long Mynd and then on to the Stiperstones over a period of three days and two nights. Their project en route was a continuation of work done on ‘Use and Abuse of Footpaths’ for their Practice Expedition. Each student will produce a written report of their findings as part of their expedition presentation.

Resilience and Resourcefulness were the order of the day with it all ending in a great Result.

These students are now very close to finishing their Silver Award and most, if not all, will choose to do Gold with a few who are new to the Sixth Form joining them, as they have already done Silver. 

The number of Wrekinians who will leave with all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award is set to be a record number this coming year!