Final Old Windsorian Dinner

We welcomed over 70 Old Windsorians and guests back to Wrekin College on the 16th September 2017 for the 'Final Old Windsorian Dinner'.

The attendees first visited Roslyn House, which in a former life was Windsor, for welcome drinks before heading to The Memorial Hall for a three course dinner.

Speeches followed, and David Franklin presented Peter Jackson with a painting of New School by fellow Old Wrekinian Ben Harley (B. 11-16), as a gift for his efforts organising the Old Windsorian section of the OWA.

A great evening was had by all, and a further write up will follow in a forthcoming OW Record.

Those who attended are listed below:
Sir John Roch (W. 46-52)
Sue Roch
Michael Dufty (W. 48-52)
John Littlebury (W. 50-54)
Elizabeth Littlebury
Martin Welch (W. 50-55)
Barrie Roberts (N. 51-55)
Jean Roberts
John Cheshire (W. 51-56)
David Baines (W. 53-58)
Charles Hartley (W. 53-58)
Paul Tisdale (W. 53-58)
Suzanne Tisdale
David Macdonald (W. 55-59)
Anthony Hopkins (W. 55-60)
Peter Jones (W. 56-59)
Anthony ML Johnson (W. 58-61)
John Beaumont (W. 58-62)
John Hopkins (W. 58-62)
Mike Plews (W. 58-62)
David Lloyd (W. 58-63)
Kenneth Peter Lee (W. 58-64)
Derek Lewis (W. 59-63)
Richard Franklin (W. 59-64)
Helen Franklin
Peter Grove (W. 59-64)
Richard Baines (W. 60-64)
Roger Brabin (W. 60-65)
Charles Law (W. 60-65)
Alec Bonson (W. 61-66)
Helen Bonson
David Kingham (W. 61-65)
Louise Jennings
David Franklin (W. 61-67)
Helen Franklin 
Andrew Blair (W. 62-66)
Heather Blair
Peter Jackson (W. 62-66)
Jane Jackson
Peter Law (W. 62-67) 
Peter Trehearn (W. 62-66)
Linda Trehearn
Peter Law (W. 62-67)
Jonathan Rushworth (W. 62-67)
Rosemary Rushworth
Charles Wilson (W. 63-67)
Jeremy Francis (W. 64-68)
Jonathan Wood (W. 64-68)
Jonathan Francis (W. 65-70)
Jeremy Elsworth (W. 70-75) 
Mark Bullock (W. 73-78)
Jonathan Elsworth (W. 74-78)
Guy Barlow (W 78-83)
Toby Graham (W. 78-83)
Simon Medland (W. 78-83)
Mark Dufty (W. 81-86)
Joe (Jeremy) Bullock (W. 83-88)
Justin Mallinson (W. 84-88)
Jax Freedman
David Hoskisson (W. 84-89)
Bernard Crone (Staff. 04-Present)
Maureen Crone (Staff. 04-Present)
Michael de Weymarn (Staff. 74-10)
Selbie de Weymarn
Tim Firth (Headmaster)
Jane Firth
Haydn Griffiths (Staff. 76-16)
Joan Griffiths
Mervyn Joyner (Staff. 62-94)
Marion Joyner
Anthony Lock (Staff. 86-94)
Andy Nicoll (Staff. 06-Present)
Roy Yates-Ward (Staff. 82-96)