GCSE Results, Congratulations!

On a day where Wrekin pupils gained more A*-A grades than on any results’ day in the last fifteen or more years, Headmaster Tim Firth said:

'We are absolutely delighted by our pupils’ record results today: they deserve so much credit for achieving what they have, and I’d also like to pay tribute to their teachers who work so closely with them at Wrekin. Exciting to report, and despite the rumours of a lowering of GCSE grades this year, more of our grades were at A*-A than on any results’ day in the last fifteen or more years and in addition, more pupils bagged an A* than ever before. Wrekin adopted the Challenge Grade Review last year,  a new reporting system that offers much more regular, bespoke and specific coaching for each pupil in each subject, and this is starting to bear fruit, as has the School’s approach to learning which has at its centre a belief in a growth mindset. This approach and this new system for monitoring pupils have also seen a migration of pupils, who would have got C before, getting B today, the results showing a very high number of pupils getting A*-B grades. This provides  evidence that pupils are being challenged and supported to meet those challenges. The job of a school is, of course, to add value regardless of ability, and our results today have lived out what the inspectors’ very recent report on us said: that we stretch and succeed with the most able and bring on extremely well children of average academic ability.

'Wrekin is a school that wants to work with a wide range of pupils because that is much more interesting than working with just one type. It takes all sorts to make up the world, as my mother used to tell me and, if that’s the case, you need to have all sorts in a school, and then try to bring the best out of each and have them all work together inclusively. We have pupils here from all over the world, too, as part of our deliberately diverse mix, so that many of our GCSE pupils have very good results today even whilst learning in their second language: really impressive in all sorts of ways and reflecting terrifically on them. A wide range of A level, BTEC courses and huge opportunities via personal development await these pupils in our Sixth Form where, judging from today’s results, they will go on to achieve great things in and out of the classroom.'

Congratulations to all who have worked so hard and we wish our students well in their future years at Wrekin College.