Gold D of E Practice Expedition

This year’s Upper Sixth Form students have just returned from their Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award Practice expedition on Dartmoor. 

Five groups, a total of 29 pupils, eleven girls and eighteen boys travelled from Shropshire to Dartmoor for some Gold Award training followed by their Practice Expedition. On arrival on the moor the groups went off with the instructors to learn about safe water crossing techniques, receive specialist navigation training followed by them navigating back to Princetown in the pitch darkness - a really challenging skill. This all went extremely well.

The next two days saw the groups out on long walks around the moor without the staff being with them. Their campsites out in the wilds of the moor proved to be both challenging and exciting for them and possibly a little frightening at times too!

The pupils also received three lessons on first aid, kit management, and emergency procedures.

They all worked really hard to overcome the difficulties they faced and they made sure that they made a success of what they did - all wish to continue, which is a very good sign. We stand to get a record number of Golds this year!