House Singing - Clarkson Won!

Well done to a victorious Clarkson and to everyone who took part in the House Singing Competition on 13 October - some glorious singing and great fun too!

The competition was adjudicated by singer, director, educator, presenter and compere - Dale Kynaston who from an early age was involved in amateur dramatics and more recently he has been better known for his solo group perfomances in the UK, Europe and America.

In a change to previous years all houses presented their part songs first and then house songs were perfomed in reverse order. 


I wanna be like you  Jungle Book 

Beyond the sea  Finding Nemo 


You'll be in my heart   Tarzan

Chim chim cher-ee  Mary Poppins


Let it go  Frozen

A spoonful of sugar  Mary Poppins


This is me  Camp Rock

He's a tramp  Lady and the Tramp


Everybody wants to be a cat  The Aristocats

I don't dance   High School Musical 2


The bare neccesities  Jungle Book

Can you feel the love tonight?  The Lion King