London Tavern Trot

The London Tavern Trot returned for the third year and saw a group of OWs meet and catch up in a number of locations. 

A good time was had by all and we hope to see more of you at the next one!

Attendees are as follows:
John Price (W. 59-63)
Andrew Wallace (S. 62-64)
Andy Evans (B. 61-65)
Jon Wood (W. 65-70)
John Holroyd (W. 64-68)
John Bardsley (S. 74-78)
Nicholas Blacknell (N. 79-83)
Jonathan Grant (W. 79-83)
Jeremy Bullock (W. 83-88)
Tim Naik (Y/W. 83-88)
Charles Winward (Y. 83-88)
Isobel Evans (C. 1998-2003)
Dr Haydn Griffiths (Staff 76-16)
Joan Griffiths