London Tavern Trot

On Thursday 15th June 2017, a group of OWs met in London for the Tavern Trot.

We started at the Porterhouse on Maiden Lane, just south of the Market area and then moved left a few yards to the Harp in Chandos Place, a lively Fullers pub. We never got to the last pub, the Chandos on the south corner of St Martin’s Lane and for all I know there are still some OWs waiting patiently for the rest of us to arrive.

Some gastronomes split to do justice to the traditional Chinese blowout that is Wong Kei located just a few minutes away in the heart of Chinatown whilst the hardcore stayed on the liquid diet.

About 25 Trotters joined in over the course of the evening including:-

John Holroyd (W. 64-68)
John Price (S. 59-63)
Andy Evans (B. 61-65)
Charlotte Evans (C. 99-06)
Andrew Wallace (S. 62-64)
Graeme Turner (Y. 88-93)
Mark Rhodes (T. 88-93)
Uche Ezugwu (Y. 88-93)
Jonathan Grant (W. 79-83)
Jon Wood (W. 65-70)
Nick Blacknell (N. 79-83)
Haydn Griffiths (Staff. 76-16)
Joan Griffiths

We’ll choose an agreeable route for June 2018, so mark your diaries and see you there.

Jon Wood (W. 65-70)