No Winging it for Ben at Cranwell

Wrekin student Ben Bush talks about his time at the RAF Cranwell leadership course:

'I was lucky enough over the summer to be selected to attend an RAF leadership course at RAF Cranwell, I feel proud to have been selected to go on this course as I had to go through a competitive selection process. It was a course based on improving leadership in a team, completing tasks in individual teams and learning leadership skills for the future.

'I knew the course was going to be tough and this came true on the first day. When I first entered RAF Cranwell, we were set to attention and made to go into a room filled with information which we needed for the week - we were supposed to memorise and recite everything that was in the room off-by-heart, this really showed what high expectations the leaders had of us.

'Most days we were up by 5am and didn't finish the day until 10pm - another challenge! On the first day we were up at 5am and were expected to start a one mile run at 5.30am, then on the same day do a 15 km run. The first two days mainly consisted of us learning in a classroom, and getting famillar with our new team mates who we would be doing command tasks with for the rest of the week. Then the following two days consisted of leadership tasks which improved in difficulty and amount of time allowed to complete the tasks throughout the week.

'Half way through the week I had to attend a mid-course interview to decide if I was going to carry on to phase three - the final and hardest command tasks - or go home. Luckily I passed and went on to phase three which consisted of marching out into the woods, eating ration packs and sleeping outside for two days. After we completed phase three our teams were set an orienteering task and a cross country log-run, this was to prove which team would be top. I was lucky enough to be in the best flight.

Overall this course was a great challenge and I will try to persuade people to apply to attend, in my opinion it has really improved my leadership skills which will be useful in the future.'

We are very proud of Ben and look forward to seeing how this experience impacts on his future.