Prefect Chapel Speech - October 3rd

At the end of the last summer term, on the same day I was made Head Girl, I discovered that my pug Roxy was expecting puppies.  To be frank, I don’t know which announcement I was more excited by.  As the day of their arrival came closer, I found myself thinking about what would happen to the puppies. It got me thinking about choices and choices that we all face.  I started thinking 'are there any parallels between us and the puppies?'.

Let us think of your parents as the owners and you (the pupils) as the puppies; they chose for you to attend Wrekin, a new home like the puppies that are going to their new homes.  Whatever age you started at, whether this was in First Form, Third Form or Lower Sixth, you were a newborn into Wrekin looking for opportunities to explore.  I believe that a reason why you’re at Wrekin is because it feels like a home - something that is obviously important for a puppy; they need to feel welcome, included, safe and loved.  Obviously we are more than puppies, we have free will and opportunities to make choices for ourselves.

So how do I make the right choice?

People always say a gut feeling is something you should stick to, but I say you should always, as the Headmaster said, try and be a better version of yourself.  So take a risk, go out of your comfort zone and challenge those easy choices!

Choosing a university course, something that I know will be on many minds now, is difficult.  Use good evidence to support this decision, for example, choose a course because you are interested in the related topics and because it has a good reputation at that particular university.

Keep your expectations of the choice realistic, but be ambitious.  Perfection doesn’t happen in the first lesson or training session, so you shouldn’t worry if everything doesn’t fall into place immediately. However, always strive to achieve more.

How can choices affect our lives?

Every challenge that you decide to take on at Wrekin will only enhance your later career.  I’m sure the Upper Sixth will tell you the more carefully considered your decisions are now, the more these will be of benefit later on.  So take advantage. Don’t sit back and wonder ‘what if ?’.  A choice could lead to a possible passion that could lead to a career, enhance your CV and most importantly, it can create memories and enjoyment.

There is so much on offer at Wrekin, so use this to your advantage. Try new things, jump in at the deep end, and make your choice with good evidence to support it.   

Remember a puppy isn’t just for Christmas - you’ll always be a Wrekinian so make the most of it by making good choices.