Prefect Thought for the Day

Following on from the Headmaster's Assembly on Thursday, my Thought For The Day may seem a bit expected and a slight cliché, but what else is there to talk about at this time of year other than New Year's resolutions?

I assume that most of us here have made some form of New Year’s resolution, and I hope that most of us will stick to our resolution for longer than just the first few weeks of January.  Whether your resolution is related to sport, schoolwork, family or music, it is something for you to strive towards and to gain a sense of achievement at the end when you have accomplished it.

To ensure that your resolutions will be met, and that they are not simply an empty promise, try to focus on setting your goals the SMART way.

When conjuring up your New Year’s resolution and setting your targets for the year, try to make sure that they tick the following boxes to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve them:

  1. SPECIFIC - making your resolution specific to a certain aspect of your lifestyle will help you to focus on one area at a time that you wish to improve; it helps to identify exactly what you wish to accomplish once you have met your goal.
  2. MEASURABLE - this means breaking your resolution down into individual elements that can be measured and will show a form of evidence once they have been completed; this is a way of tracking your progress to show the positive advances you have made and to spur you on to continue striving for success.
  3. ACHIEVABLE - ensuring that your resolution is something that can actually be reached whilst also providing you with a challenge is important; it makes you work hard to reach the end target and fills you with satisfaction upon arriving there.
  4. RELEVANT - ask yourself, is your goal really something that you wish to achieve? Or did you just make it up because you needed a resolution but weren’t sure what to choose!  Decide if your goal will benefit your needs and make your time worthwhile, because if there is a lack of necessity to complete your goal then chances are that it will remain unachieved.  And finally…
  5. TIME - set your goal with a time frame in mind, whether that be a week, a month or over a few months; it will establish a sense of urgency and prompt you to see your resolution through to the end.

So to finish, aim high, set your goals and be smart about them.  The American author Zig Ziglar once said, “a goal set properly is halfway reached”.