Sixth Form Induction Day

The aim of the Sixth Form induction programme is to prepare pupils for the workload, responsbility and maturity that is expected in the Sixth Form. Various sessions were included in the programme. 

The 'Team Challenge' session involved a series of tasks were pupils had to think logically and collaborate and solve problems as a group. The tasks also had a timed element and pupils had to work together using their ingenuity and organisational skills to compete against the other teams. One element of this challenge involved filling a pipe with water to extract a key from the top - however, the pipe was drilled with holes as were the cups for filling the pipe which made for a wet time!

The study skills session was led by Mrs Wright and involved a presentation about the differences between study at GCSE and A level as well as study techniques and practical experience of how to employ some of the techniques introduced. 

There was a 'Looking Ahead' session where pupils completed a short online career profile, make preliminary choices about areas of interest and were introduced to the main university websites.

There was also an ICT session.