Thought for the Day

Success is all about failure. If you are not prepared to take a risk and to fail, you do not risk success either.

When a reporter asked Edison how it felt to fail 1000 times in the creation of the light bulb, Edison replied: “I didn’t fail 1000 times, the lightbulb was an invention of 1000 steps.”

Sometimes we create a plan and it works first time, so we don’t fail. When our plans do not work we must react in the right way.

Our natural instinct is to shy away from failure; so, if we fail once or twice we give up. Every time we fail we learn; perhaps only small details, then we make changes, our plans and ideas develop, we climb closer and closer to success. 

We do this throughout our lives, we do this without even thinking. The first time we walked was not as soon as we were born. In fact, it was after trying to stand for the first time and falling, then trying again, and falling. Over and over again we fell, but without even knowing it we learned from where we went wrong. So, why do we sometimes easily give up at the first hint of a problem? We should continue to try even when we risk failure and if we fail we need to learn from the experience.

Success is never easy, if it was always easy everyone would have invented the lightbulb. However hard it may seem, however slow progress is, if you keep working hard, you will get there. So if you fail: think why you failed, learn from what went wrong and try again.

As Malcolm Forbes said: “Failure is success if we learn from it”.

James Davis