Thought for the Day


A lot of people want to live their lives like fireworks.

They want to reach a certain point where they are their best version of themselves; where they ignite something within, which causes them to rise and 'explode' in the best way possible. They want people to admire and watch them in awe, to be the reason that someone says ‘wow’. But believe it or not, everyone forgets that fireworks, like people, are all different.  You have the big, loud ones that fill the sky with colour, light and sound, but you also get some that do not light straight away, they need a small amount of perseverance in order to be successful but they get there eventually nevertheless.

In many ways I suppose, my point is that nearly everyone is fixated on making a big impact or being the loudest firework.  However, is it not the smallest things such as an unexpected compliment or asking someone if they are ok that have the greatest impact?  You never know what someone is thinking or going through and your tiny compliment could, like a firework, be the spark that ignites them: yet you may not even notice the difference you make to someone’s day, month or year.  Just because it is not significant to everyone, does not mean it is not significant to someone.  

If you do not understand the analogy of the firework, perhaps you might understand the analogy of a cup of tea. Each person has their own preference, no milk, three sugars, 12 different tea bags and maybe even a favourite mug.  But your preference may not be the same as someone else’s. That does not and should not prevent you from drinking tea the way you like it, it definitely does not stop me!  

So, be different!  Light your firework and make it beautiful in your way, in your eyes and for yourself regardless of the opinions of others.  Life is a whole lot more interesting that way.