Thought for the Day

During everyone’s day something could happen to make us doubt ourselves. The doubt needs to be turned into positive thinking and we need to keep focussed.

We all should use this term to show others and ourselves what we can do. We need to take advantage of what is on offer to us through school and try new things. How do we know what we can do, if we don’t try?

Sometimes it’s easy to avoid doing things that will push us. Promising ourselves we will do it tomorrow or the day after, but tomorrow never comes. If we try our best at something even if it doesn’t turn out the way we would have hoped, at least we have believed in ourselves enough to try. To have a go.

The feeling of achievement from trying something we were worried about is far greater that never to have tried at all. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. We are all as good as the next person, perhaps in a different way. We all have our own strengths: some of us are good at sports, academic matters, or music.  

Every successful person will have tried something new. Some of them quite a few times before succeeding, but always believing they can do it. From sports women and men to business leaders. They all believed in themselves to try their best for something they enjoyed. No one can promise us we will get everything we want, but we can be sure that nothing will change if we don’t try.

If you don’t succeed first time around, then try and try again. Life is not about the mistakes you make, but it is about how you pick yourself up is what matters.

A quote from Theodore Roosevelt: ‘Believe you can, and you're half way there’.

Livvy Yeadon