Wrekin College


PSHE is taught, often subconsciously, everywhere in the school, whether it be in chapel, in house, in tutor groups, on outside excursions, in the CCF, or even on the games field. PSHE is highly valued at Wrekin College and is therefore also at the heart of our curriculum, with First to Fifth Form pupils receiving fortnightly lessons throughout the academic year. 

The PSHE Department promote pupils’ self-esteem and emotional wellbeing and helps them to form and maintain worthwhile and satisfying relationships based on respect for themselves and for others at home, school, work and in the wider community. We develop our pupils’ ability to relate to others and work for the common good, whilst enabling pupils to respond positively to opportunities, challenges and responsibilities and to cope with changes and adversity. 

Our PSHE curriculum aims to prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of modern life. Through the PSHE curriculum we aim to pass on the enduring values of society, develop pupils’ integrity and autonomy and help them to become responsible and caring citizens capable of contributing to the development of a just society. 

The aims of the PSHE programme are closely linked with the aims of the school:

  • To create a community in which all members – pupils, staff and support staff – feel valued and involved.
  • To offer the highest quality of education in a co-educational environment, developing intellectual, physical, aesthetic, moral and spiritual qualities in the school’s Christian tradition.
  • To nurture interesting and balanced young people in a happy and challenging environment, enabling them to fulfill their potential and preparing them for the modern world.
  • To develop in each pupil self-discipline, a clear sense of right and wrong, responsibility and sensitivity towards others and their views.
  • To recognise and celebrate individual achievements.
  • To install a sense of pride in our traditions of conduct, courtesy and appearance.
  • To foster respect and care for our environment.

PSHE therefore makes a significant contribution to the five outcomes that are key to children and young people’s wellbeing:

  • Stay safe
  • Be healthy
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic wellbeing


Head of Department    

Jade Harris

BSc University of Keele

Jeremy Ballard

BSc University of Wales

Gemma Cordingley 

BSc University of Birmingham

Kirsty Davies

BSc University of Keele

Harry Gray

BSc University of Sheffield

Michelle Warner 

BSc University of Liverpool

Anne Wedge

BSc University of Liverpool