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Audiences were treated to three fantastic perfomances of P'tang Yang Kipperbang in the Centenary Theatre; all three nights were amazing thanks to each and every cast and crew member putting 100% effort in. Well done everyone!

As Jack Rosenthal, writer of this magnificent play said 'No one ever forgets their first love...' 

The Play

England. The summer of 1948. 14-year-old Alan ‘Quack Quack’ Duckworth has two things on his mind: dreams of cricketing victory over Australia in the Ashes; and kissing the lovely Ann Lawton, his classmate and sole object of his awakening romantic yearnings. Unfortunately his love is unrequited, as Ann only has eyes for the class idol, Geoffrey Whitaker. Meanwhile Alan’s English teacher, Miss Land is on a bit of a sticky wicket, in her clandestine partnership with Groundsman Tommy.

Bowled over, on the back foot and more than a little stumped: ‘Quack Quack’ is about to learn a valuable lesson: when it comes to love, there’s always a catch!

This timeless rite of passage tale, started life as a made-for-TV play in 1982, in the early days of Channel 4. It is held in nostalgic high regard by those who remember it fondly from their youth. Adapting it to the stage has been a creatively challenging, but ultimately rewarding process; particularly in terms of creating theatrical alternatives and entertaining workarounds for television’s editing and cinematic freedom. Our hope is that we can capture something of that unequivocal and (perhaps) unequalled ache and bliss of First Love: a common experience of innocent and wistful longing, furtive looks and heart-thumping anticipation, down all those endless carefree days, under summer skies of matchless blue.

This relatively young cast and crew have worked with exceptional effort, energy and commitment to bring this play to life

Alan Duckworth: Charlie Holt

Ann Lawton: Kate Grimsdale

Miss Land: Eve Crutchley

Tommy: Alastair Bennett

Abbo: Myles Newman

Shaz: Jordon Williams

Geoffrey Whitaker: Archie Cusack

Headmaster: Joe Lee

Alan’s mum/ French teacher: Freya Rooke-Moore

Eunice: Jen North

Majorie: Daisy Phillips

Policeman: Harrison Crombie

Botany Teacher: Ellie Thornton

Director: Howard Brown

Stage Management: Simon Platford

Costumier: Janine Kotas

Music: Jade Harris

Set Design: Jeremy Phillips

Set Building: Kelvin Livingstone, Jim Frodsham, Suzanne Mooney, Tony Sammons

Prop Maker: Abbie Jagger

Executive Technical Consultant: Sam Mundy

Lighting and Sound: Ray Newell, Max Swan, Tom Dustow

Follow spot operator: Will Merrington

Front of House: Jolyon Dixon, Adele Wright Stella Clarke, Guy Roberts

School Children: Niamh Gemmell, Charles Gibbs, Elizabeth Lloyd, Millie Stanhope

And special appearances by: David Winterton as the PE Teacher and Jeremy Phillips and Simon Platford as the Workmen/ Caretakers

Make up: Grainne Whitehead, Alex Witton, Beth Hartland-Griffiths, Georgie Benbow, Samy Rowlinson, Chloe Sketchley, Maia Lloyd, Evie Smailes, Elise Nelson, Izzy Reynolds

Backstage: Tom Gittins, Felix de Hamel

Special Thanks: Andy Nicoll, Bernard Crone, Friends of Wrekin and the parents/guardians for ferrying the talent. 

Love goes toward love, as schoolboys from their books; but love from love, toward school with heavy looks Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2

© Miracle Productions ‘’If it’s Entertainment, it’s a Miracle!’’ 2HANDHAMLD 2016 

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