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Interest and Enjoyment

The Sixth Form gives you much more of an opportunity to make choices about what you study than so far in your school career, so there is not much point in choosing to study a subject you do not enjoy. 

Apart from anything else, you will naturally be prepared to put in the necessary effort for a subject you do enjoy. Remember, however, that there is often a considerable difference between the syllabus content of a subject at GCSE and A Level, so make sure you know what the new syllabus will involve.

Combinations of Subjects

At A Level, some subjects naturally support each other. For example, it is sensible for Biologists to study Chemistry, and Physicists would be wise to take a Mathematics course. Others go together in the sense that scientists might choose three science subjects, and linguists two languages, although these patterns are less strong than they once were. With four subjects to study, you should seriously consider making a choice that maintains some breadth to your education – for example, by adding a language to a mainly science combination, or a science or Mathematics to a mainly arts or humanities combination.


Beware of choosing a subject at A Level just because you think it might be useful in later life, if you have no particular interest or ability in it. Most A Level courses are academic rather than practical, and many careers provide their own in-service training in the practical application of subjects and skills which may only have been studied as far as GCSE or not at all. Remember that employers, as well as those making selections for further education, will also be concerned with a number of less measurable qualities, such as initiative, imagination and ability to work independently and in a team, in addition to a good performance at A Level. Choose a combination of subjects that will allow you to develop both your academic skills and your personal qualities.

Academic Journey

Please visit the Sixth Form Academic Journey pages for futher information.

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