Wrekin College

Roger Bliss

Roger Bliss

Maths Teacher

Roger joined Wrekin College in 2017 as a teacher of mathematics after having followed a number of different academic paths. He studied Classical and medieval languages at Vanderbilt, Leeds, Edinburgh, and Harvard Universities, finally emerging from Harvard with a PhD in Celtic and Medieval Latin Languages and Literatures in 2001. Subsequently, he worked on research projects in medieval Latin at Oxford University for nearly seven years.

Still, thanks in no small part to the books of Richard Feynman and Roger Penrose, Roger always maintained a strong personal interest in mathematics and physics. After hearing a BBC Cymru radio report on the severe shortage of mathematics and physics teachers in the UK, he entered Aberystwyth University as a mature student in 2010 and received his MMath degree in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics in 2014. Following this he worked as a research student looking into the mathematical aspects of quantum computing, before completing the Welsh-medium PGCE teacher training course at Aberystwyth over the 2016-7 academic year.

Roger also has a number of other personal interests, including outdoor pursuits, astronomy, and staring for days on end at interesting chess positions.  Still, alongside mathematics his area of greatest passion is certainly music. For as all his students hear (and indeed, sing) repeatedly in his lessons, ‘Along with music, mathematics is the most beautiful and sublime discovery of the human intellect.’