Wrekin College


Each House at Wrekin has its own distinctive character, and rapidly becomes a home from home, both for boarders and day pupils.

Our junior House, Lancaster, is split into boys’ and girls’ sections, housed separately and with their own Housemaster and Housemistress. Lancaster House is a very important part of the school. It gives our younger pupils their own territory, leadership and reward system, allowing them to develop and settle gradually into senior school life. 

From the Third Form onwards, pupils join one of two girls’ Houses (Roslyn and Clarkson) or one of three boys’ Houses (York, Tudor and Bayley). As well as a Housemaster or Housemistress, each House has a team of tutors and a matron. 

Day pupils and boarders are integrated in every House. Our day pupils benefit enormously from the school’s boarding ethos, and from belonging to a school which offers round-the-clock care. They are welcome at the school long after lessons and activities finish, and also at weekends. Indeed, we expect day pupils to take an active part in every aspect of school life, and we encourage them to board either occasionally or regularly as they get older.

Wrekin pupils can seek help and advice from a range of adults – including their Housemaster or Housemistress, tutor, matron, teachers, coaches and the school Chaplain – but also from the school’s Independent Listener and the medical staff. Within Houses, prefects act as mentors as well as leaders, and they all receive guidance in Child Protection matters.

Please download the Pupil Handbook  PDF