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Wrekin Headmaster Tim Firth talks about options for young people as they enter the world of further education and work, the article appears in Independent School Parent magazine and Tim begins by saying:

'University degrees are often seen as the only accolade, but this approach is limiting to students ...

I constantly tell our pupils to push for 'the best version' of themselves, to aim high and exceed their own expectations. But after years of dealing with HMC schools, where a university degree is seen as the ultimate accolade of success, and all too often the only accolade, I believe that very attitude is limiting to youngsters and their ambitions, even those that are more studious than most.'

Tim goes on to talk about the importance of working with business and highlights the facilities available at the new Wrekin College Buiness School (pictured above)

'This is the thinking behind our new business school, where we intend to blend education and business on a daily basis. We teach in a setting that resembles a corporate world, rather than a classroom, and we look for business leaders to support us with this. The facilities include a lecture theatre, boardroom and breakout spaces for hot-desking and collaborations.'

Read the whole article in Independent School Parent magazine

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