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Worrying - feeling anxious about an actual or potential problem

Potential is the key word: why worry about something that might not happen?

We sometimes respond to worry in the same way that we would to danger. The 'fight or flight' response is your body's instinctive reaction to danger. Unconsciously your body prepares itself to either run away from danger or becomes very alert to fight off the danger. Most of the worries that we face cannot be dealt with by fighting or by running away, so they need to be dealt with. Worrying makes it very difficult for you to concentrate on a task and in lessons, and can also cause you to be neglectful of your health.

When you start to worry ask yourself if it is worth worrying about, can it be solved, can anybody help? If the problem is solvable, make a plan to help solve your worry. If it isn’t solvable, it isn’t worth wasting your energy worrying about it.

Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it simply empties today of its joys.

As Bob Marley said: ‘don’t worry be happy’.

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