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The results are in for the UK Maths Trust Intermediate competition which took place last month, we are delighted to say that we have 25 students whom have been awarded Bronze certificates and above. 

The UKMT awards certificates to the top 40% of all students who sit this advanced maths test. At Wrekin we have 25 students with awards from 51 entries, so a 49% success rate!

As well as the top Gold level, there are also two Kangaroo levels for the very top scoring gold students. We have no less than four students in Pink Kangaroo - the top Kangaroo level, and these four will be sitting an advanced test shortly. A super result.

There is also an Olympiad level, for the very, very top gold students; Eric Huang missed this by six points (one answer). So Andy Liu's entry to the Olympiad last year remains unbeaten, for now at least. 

Here are the students' names with certificates, in year and rank order, with best in year and school highlighted.

Best in Yr 11 - Eric Huang.  Gold, Pink Kangaroo.  Best in School

Best in Yr 10 - Ben Knight.  Gold, Pink Kangaroo

Best in Yr 9 - Hebe Dixon.  Silver

Year 11 results

Eric Huang - Gold - Pink Kangaroo

Aidan Roberjot - Gold - Pink Kangaroo (equal score with Jessie Sun)

Jessie Sun - Gold - Pink Kangaroo (equal score with Aidan Roberjot)

Kirk Chen - Silver

Lorna Mackenzie - Silver

Vicky Huang - Silver

Harry Taylor - Bronze

Antonia Kuhn - Bronze

James Bent - Bronze

Lizzie Benbow - Bronze

Tess Sanders - Bronze

Harry Mason - Bronze

Jacob Reid - Bronze

Year 10 results

Ben Knight - Gold - Pink Kangaroo

Macie Cox - Silver

Silviya Adzhamaglyan - Bronze

Amy Phillips - Bronze

Allen Cao - Bronze

Ella Townson - Bronze

Year 9 results

Hebe Dixon - Silver 

Will Abbatt - Silver

Tom Farrant - Bronze

Emily Burton - Bronze

Isabella Rennison - Bronze

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