Wrekin College


The UK Maths Trust holds annual individual and team competitions are aimed at the best young mathematicians in the UK. Our top Lancaster students recently took part in the junior level competition and achieved thirteen individual awards, including three golds.

A bronze award is a top 40% result nationwide, a gold is top six per cent, so this was an excellent result for our youngest pupils!

At intermediate level, we had four students who advanced from the gold level to the Kangaroo competition; they faced 25 more fiendishly tricky multiple choice questions. All four received a certificate of participation, and all narrowly missed a merit. The Kangaroo level from the Olympiad test can lead to a place on the UK Maths Olympic team. Another superb result!

Wrekin's Maths department is registered as a mentor across all levels of the UK Maths Trust competition and we support our students through monthly challenges and one-to-one tutelage. These challenges help develop problem solving techniques and these skills can be readily applied to a wide range of academic topics.

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