Wrekin College


Newly formed this academic year due to demand, Medical Society (or 'MedSoc') meets weekly.  It is a voluntary society, attended by any pupil in Third Form or above who is interested either in potentially studying Medicine, or in furthering their knowledge and understanding of medically-related topics.  Each week a pupil takes the lead on a topic they choose themselves, researching some factual information about the topic to present to the group to stimulate discussion.  Usually these are controversial topics, which divide opinion and lead pupils to consider their own moral beliefs and how doctors have to behave in the face of opposing views in their daily roles.  Recent topics have included 'euthanasia and assisted suicide - are they justifiable and should they be legal?', 'will we ever find a cure for diabetes?' and 'is our ignorance/lack of education causing an increase in antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria?'.  In addition, the group have opportunities for advice on applications for Medical courses, work experience and practical experiences (e.g. suturing, dissections).

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